5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling and Waste Management

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling and Waste Management

Whether it’s tossing paper and recyclables into the trash can or grabbing excessive plastic bags at the grocery store, how we consume waste comes down to our habits.

At Northside Skip Bins, our professionals are passionate about passing on good waste management and recycling habits to our kids. Here are our top five ways to teach your kids healthy and sustainable habits when it comes to waste.

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Make it Relevant

There’s no doubt that recycling systems, rules and guidelines are important. But, when it comes to educating kids, complicated jargon isn’t much use. In order for information to stick and for ideas to become lifelong habits, it’s essential to break down recycling and waste management into relevant terms.

Think about what’s familiar for your kids. Do they like reading? Explain how recycled paper could one day become pages of a book. Are they interested in toys? Teach them how household plastics could be recycled to create a brand new toy.

Keep it relevant to help your kids understand and apply recycling principles to their actions.

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Model the Behaviour

From walking around in mum’s heels to playing house, kids love mirroring the lives of adults. By modelling the behaviour that you’d like to see – such as taking out the recycling or sorting through your waste – you can encourage your kids to do the same.

Ask For Their Help

When it comes to adult tasks, kids often love to get involved. The next time you’re emptying out the recycling, why not ask the kids to help? They’ll be able to see what can and can’t go in the bin while also learning about the next step in the recycling process. By taking the bins out together, you can start a conversation about what happens next.

Let Them Teach You

Kids have unique insights on many common problems that perplex adults. Often seeing things for what they really are, kids can help you break your wasteful recycling habits.

The next time you’re talking about recycling and waste management, ask them what they think you could be doing at home – or even at work – to minimise your waste footprint.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Often, the most fun and rewarding way of developing lifelong healthy habits is by learning together. Get your entire family involved in the experience by developing games, flashcards and fun ways to remember what can and can’t be recycled. By learning and building habits together, they’re more likely to stick.

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