Spring Cleaning 101: Tips for Donating, Recycling and Throwing Away

As the weather gets warmer and our gardens get brighter, we become motivated to completely overhaul and clean out our homes and living spaces. Over the years, furniture, clothing and items build up, causing our homes to look messy and cluttered. Whether it’s old furniture or clothes sitting in the back of your cupboard, spring is the best time to clean out your space.

For big spring clean outs, we recommend evaluating your waste to consider what can be donated or recycled. For waste that needs to be thrown away, hiring a skip bin from Northside Skip Bins is a great way to make disposal simple and easy.

Book your skip bin hire in Joondalup and Perth to get a head start on your spring cleaning.

Used Furniture

Have you got old desks or couches taking up space in your home? Consider donating them to charity. Often, local charity stores are more than happy to accept certain pieces of furniture if they’re in good condition. If you’re not sure about the condition of your furniture, think about it in terms of what you’d be happy with. If you wouldn’t be comfortable to receive and use it, it’s better disposed of than donated to charity.

For furniture that’s significantly damaged and broken, hiring a skip is a great way to dispose of it without having to go back and forth from waste disposal centres. Your furniture will be assessed for recycling and repurposing wherever possible, minimising the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

Old Clothes

Just like furniture, used or old clothes – with the exclusion of underwear and other delicate items – may be donated to charity stores. Only if in good condition, charity stores welcome clothing donations through store drop offs or designated collection points.

Torn, damaged unusable clothing will most likely be rejected from charity stores. If you can, turn these into rags that you can use for cleaning around the home. Simply pop them in the washing machine after each clean and you’ve got yourself a reusable cloth.

For clothing that just can’t be salvaged, it’s best placed in a skip bin for responsible disposal.

Broken or Unsalvageable Household Items

Household items that can’t be reused, donated or salvaged should be disposed of responsibly. Place your household waste and clutter into a skip bin and we’ll take care to either recycle or dispose of it in an environmentally conscious way.

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Ready to get spring cleaning? Freshen up and clean out your home by going through your furniture, clothing and household items for donation, recycling or disposal.

To make your spring clean simple and hassle free, book skip bin hire in Joondalup and Perth from Northside Skip Bins. We offer flexible and convenient skip bin hire services for a smooth and easy spring clean.

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What Can I Put in My Skip Bin? | Skip Bin Hire Perth

If you are planning to commence skip bin hire in Perth, make sure you’re using it with maximum efficiency.

At Northside Skip Bins, we specialise in providing quality skip bins in Joondalup, the Northern Suburbs and wider Perth. Experienced in skip bin hire and waste sorting, find out more about what you can put in your skip bins in Perth with expert advice from our professionals.

Ideal Uses for Skip Bins

Skip bins are ideal for accommodating most general household waste, clutter and debris as well as waste from businesses or corporate offices. A convenient and efficient way of cleaning up, skip bins allow you to maximise your productivity while simplifying the disposal process. Choose skip bin hire for

– Getting rid of excess items before moving house

– Spring cleaning residential properties

– Cleaning up construction and work sites

– Disposing of office and business waste

What to Keep Out

Not only is dangerous waste harmful to employees sorting through your skip bins, it also poses a significant risk to the environment once reaching landfill. While regulations on waste disposal vary between councils, most councils agree upon leaving the following items out of your skip bins:

– Hazardous liquids (oils, paints, poisons and pesticides)

– Batteries

– Asbestos and items impacted by asbestos

– Human and animal waste

– Vehicle tyres

Disposing of White Goods

When it comes to moving house or working on a residential clean up, many people wonder whether white goods can be disposed of in a skip bin. While fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves and most other white goods are allowed, they can be put to better use with a little planning and research.

Instead of tossing white goods into your skip bin, why not drop them off at a recycling facility near you? Most of the time, recycling facilities can salvage reusable parts and components to turn your old waste into something practical.

Be Wary of Overfilling

When you’re in the middle of a big clean up, it can be easy to just toss as much as you can – including extra waste that you didn’t account for – into your skip bin. Overfilled skip bins quickly become a hazard on roads, with most companies refusing to transport them due to safety concerns.

To avoid overfilling your skip bin, we recommend slightly overestimating the volume you require to contain your waste or creating a comprehensive plan or list of what’s to be thrown out. If your skip bin is too full, you’ll be required to remove some of the waste and either dispose of it yourself or hire an additional skip bin to contain it.

Book Skip Bins in Perth, Joondalup and the Northern Suburbs

At Northside Skip Bins, we make skip bin hire in Perth simple. With a range of bin sizes available to suit any application, you can book your skip bin instantly online.

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Skip Bin Tips for Smart and Effective Hire

At Northside Skip Bins, we simplify waste disposal with a wide range of hire skips in Perth. Specialising in responsive and reliable skip bin delivery and collection, getting rid of your waste is easier than ever.

Learn more about choosing the right skip bin and making the most out of your hire with our top tips. To organise your skip bin hire, simply book your skip bins online or chat to our team for expert advice.

How to Choose Skip Bins in Perth

Choosing the right skip bin is critical to making a cost-effective and valuable choice when it comes to your hire. Consider the purpose of your skip bin and your overall goals. Do you need a skip bin for a small residential clean out, or are you hiring skip bins on an ongoing basis to provide convenient waste disposal at your business.

By defining your key objectives and identifying the types of waste you need disposed of, we can help to advise on the most ideal and affordable skip bin hire solution for you. Our skip bins are regularly utilised for domestic and commercial applications as well as for events and logistics.

Packing Your Skip Bin

Packing your skip bin effectively is key to making the most out of your skip bin hire. When organising your skip bin, arrange for it to be placed strategically on your property. By placing your skip bin close to your site, you save on hauling rubbish and waste and can work faster.

When it comes to packing your skip bin, ensure that your waste is packed tightly. While it may be tempting to simply toss rubbish in, this results in a significant waste of space and may lead to hiring more skip bins than you actually need. Also, make sure to avoid overfilling your skip bin to ensure that it can be safely transported.

Identify and Sort Your Waste

While you’re not required to segregate your rubbish, sorting through and identifying different types of waste greatly reduces the amount of resources and time it takes to process your rubbish. You may also find that sorting your waste into general waste, green waste and hard fill categories allows you to save space and time when cleaning up.

Make sure you remember to avoid tossing hazardous waste, including flammable liquids, car tyres and asbestos, into your skip bins. Hazardous waste negatively impacts the environment and poses a serious risk to health and safety.

Book Skip Bins Online

At Northside Skip Bins, we’ve simplified hiring skips in Perth. Whether you’re organising a domestic cleanout or a major rubbish disposal for your business, you can book your skip bins online through our convenient and secure booking system.

Now, hiring skip bins in Perth is as simple as just a few clicks.

Reliable and Convenient Perth Bin Hire

Looking for high quality skip bins able to accommodate any volume of waste? Chat with the professionals at Northside Skip Bins. With a wide range of skip bin sizes, we make it easy to find the perfect skip bin to suit your needs.

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How You Can Recycle Soft Plastic, Technology and Furniture in Perth | Skip Bin Hire Perth

How You Can Recycle Soft Plastic, Technology and Furniture in Perth

Did you know that much of what ends up in landfill could actually be recycled? From plastic packaging and containers to technology and furniture, organisations across Australia welcome and repurpose a wide range of waste. Hiring a Skip Bin in Perth from Northside Skip Bins will alleviate concerns, with the peace of mind we have an extensive onsite recycling program.

At Northside Skip Bins, we’re passionate about minimising the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. As skip bin hire professionals in the Northern Suburbs, Joondalup and wider Perth region, we’re no strangers to seeing skip bins filled with waste that could be recycled. We always endeavour to recycle waste responsibly, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you do the same.

Plastic Bags and Packaging

Plastic bags and packaging are an inevitable part of grocery shopping. Unless you’re located close to a bulk foods grocer or farmer’s market, you’re more than likely to return home from your weekly grocery shop with bags filled with plastic packaging.

While using canvas and reusable shopping bags is a great way to minimise your plastic waste, you can go one step further. REDcycle is an innovative initiative accepting soft plastics for recycling. What previously ended up in landfill can now be converted into something productive and useful.

After you’ve emptied your plastic packages of contents, simply store them in a container to drop off at a REDcycle collection point during your next shop.

Ink Cartridges and Computers

Most people toss old ink cartridges and computer products and accessories into the bin, but did you know that they can be recovered and repurposed? TechCollect is a free national recycling service accepting computers, computer accessories and TVs (e-waste) across Australia. Diverting waste from landfill, TechCollect partners with local councils to provide services for domestic and commercial clients.

Empty laser and inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and toner bottles can be dropped off at participating Officeworks, Australia Post, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Office National and Office Products Depot outlets across Australia. With thousands of stores accepting drop offs, find a location near you.

Furniture and Bulky Items

Old desks, couches and bulky pieces of furniture take up valuable space in landfill. Instead of adding your furniture and bulky household items to landfill, donate them to a charity shop or organise a collection from the council. A number of not-for-profit organisations offer free pick up services, making getting rid of your furniture easier than ever. Simply contact your charity of choice to organise a time to have your items inspected and picked up.

If your furniture is significantly broken or worn, take advantage of your local council’s free collection service to dispose of your items responsibly.

Simple and Convenient Skip Bin Hire in Perth

At Northside Skip Bins, we’re passionate about reducing our environmental impact. We endeavour to recycle and divert as much waste as possible from landfill with our skip bins in Perth, taking care to recycle any items you might have missed.

To organise your skip bins in Joondalup, the Northern Suburbs or wider Perth region, contact us for a quote on 0419 907 105.

Why You Should Hire A Skip Bin for Your Next Move

Why You Need a Skip Bin for Your Next Move

Moving house soon? Whether you’re downsizing to a compact city apartment or moving out to a more rural area with some added space, you can benefit from a skip bin hire for your next move.

Don’t lug around furniture or clutter to your new space and avoid having take trips to landfill facilities to dispose of rubbish. At Northside Skip Bins, we provide a wide range of skip bins for hire in Perth ideal for taking care of your waste. We dispose of all waste thoughtfully and recycle responsibly, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the items you’re keeping instead of what you’re throwing out.

Get Organised Quickly

Have you left packing and moving to the last minute? We’ve all been there. With a multitude of tasks continuously building up – including redirecting mail, setting up utilities and taking time off work – we understand how organisation can quickly go out the window.

By hiring a skip bin during your packing process, you eliminate a crucial stress factor when it comes to your actual move. Instead of having truckloads of furniture and excess items that aren’t of any value, you can send them straight to landfill or to recycling with our skip bins in Perth.

Specialising in skip bin hire across the Northern Suburbs, Joondalup and wider Perth region, we make it simple to get clutter and waste out of the way fast when you’re moving house.

Convenient Waste Disposal

Even if you’re sorting through your excess furniture and waste yourself, having to think about how and where to dispose of it can become a headache. Piles to dispose of and piles that need packing can often become mixed, making moving confusing and frustrating. By hiring a skip bin during your move, you can make waste disposal easy.

At Northside Skip Bins, we specialise in skip bin hire in Perth. With easy skip bin delivery and pick up services, our professionals remove your skip bin from your site and dispose of your waste and recycling responsibly. With hassle-free removal and the convenience of not having to worry about disposal, moving is made even simpler.

Cost Effective and Hassle Free

Getting a quote on your removalist services can be a shock when it comes to moving house. With quotes often extending up into the thousands, ditching unnecessary waste or furniture can help to dramatically reduce your moving costs.

By hiring a skip bin during your initial packing stages, you can prevent clutter and waste from adding up in your ‘to-move’ pile. More affordable than removalist costs, you can minimise the amount of furniture and boxes you move by simply sorting out waste into your skip bin when you’re going through your home.

Book Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Stay focused and organised when packing for your new home. Northside Skip Bins makes it easy to move with only what you need, saving you on removalist costs and making your move simple.

Find out more about skip bin hire in Perth today. Contact our team on 0419 907 105.

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling and Waste Management

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling and Waste Management

Whether it’s tossing paper and recyclables into the trash can or grabbing excessive plastic bags at the grocery store, how we consume waste comes down to our habits.

At Northside Skip Bins, our professionals are passionate about passing on good waste management and recycling habits to our kids. Here are our top five ways to teach your kids healthy and sustainable habits when it comes to waste.

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Make it Relevant

There’s no doubt that recycling systems, rules and guidelines are important. But, when it comes to educating kids, complicated jargon isn’t much use. In order for information to stick and for ideas to become lifelong habits, it’s essential to break down recycling and waste management into relevant terms.

Think about what’s familiar for your kids. Do they like reading? Explain how recycled paper could one day become pages of a book. Are they interested in toys? Teach them how household plastics could be recycled to create a brand new toy.

Keep it relevant to help your kids understand and apply recycling principles to their actions.

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Model the Behaviour

From walking around in mum’s heels to playing house, kids love mirroring the lives of adults. By modelling the behaviour that you’d like to see – such as taking out the recycling or sorting through your waste – you can encourage your kids to do the same.

Ask For Their Help

When it comes to adult tasks, kids often love to get involved. The next time you’re emptying out the recycling, why not ask the kids to help? They’ll be able to see what can and can’t go in the bin while also learning about the next step in the recycling process. By taking the bins out together, you can start a conversation about what happens next.

Let Them Teach You

Kids have unique insights on many common problems that perplex adults. Often seeing things for what they really are, kids can help you break your wasteful recycling habits.

The next time you’re talking about recycling and waste management, ask them what they think you could be doing at home – or even at work – to minimise your waste footprint.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Often, the most fun and rewarding way of developing lifelong healthy habits is by learning together. Get your entire family involved in the experience by developing games, flashcards and fun ways to remember what can and can’t be recycled. By learning and building habits together, they’re more likely to stick.

Find Out More About Affordable Skip Bin Hire in Perth

At Northside Skip Bins, we provide skip bins of all sizes in Perth. Our team specialises in effective waste management solutions, helping you – and your kids – develop more eco-friendly recycling habits.

Arrange skip bin hire in Perth with confidence knowing that your waste will be recycled responsibly. Contact us to organise your skip bins in the Northern suburbs, Joondalup and wider region. Call us on 0419 907 105.