5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling and Waste Management

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling and Waste Management

Whether it’s tossing paper and recyclables into the trash can or grabbing excessive plastic bags at the grocery store, how we consume waste comes down to our habits.

At Northside Skip Bins, our professionals are passionate about passing on good waste management and recycling habits to our kids. Here are our top five ways to teach your kids healthy and sustainable habits when it comes to waste.

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Make it Relevant

There’s no doubt that recycling systems, rules and guidelines are important. But, when it comes to educating kids, complicated jargon isn’t much use. In order for information to stick and for ideas to become lifelong habits, it’s essential to break down recycling and waste management into relevant terms.

Think about what’s familiar for your kids. Do they like reading? Explain how recycled paper could one day become pages of a book. Are they interested in toys? Teach them how household plastics could be recycled to create a brand new toy.

Keep it relevant to help your kids understand and apply recycling principles to their actions.

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Model the Behaviour

From walking around in mum’s heels to playing house, kids love mirroring the lives of adults. By modelling the behaviour that you’d like to see – such as taking out the recycling or sorting through your waste – you can encourage your kids to do the same.

Ask For Their Help

When it comes to adult tasks, kids often love to get involved. The next time you’re emptying out the recycling, why not ask the kids to help? They’ll be able to see what can and can’t go in the bin while also learning about the next step in the recycling process. By taking the bins out together, you can start a conversation about what happens next.

Let Them Teach You

Kids have unique insights on many common problems that perplex adults. Often seeing things for what they really are, kids can help you break your wasteful recycling habits.

The next time you’re talking about recycling and waste management, ask them what they think you could be doing at home – or even at work – to minimise your waste footprint.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Often, the most fun and rewarding way of developing lifelong healthy habits is by learning together. Get your entire family involved in the experience by developing games, flashcards and fun ways to remember what can and can’t be recycled. By learning and building habits together, they’re more likely to stick.

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Recycle Right: Your No-Frills Guide for Simple Recycling

Recycle Right: Your No-Frills Guide for Simple Recycling

At Northside Skip Bins, we’re passionate about offering high quality skip bin hire services while minimising our impact on the planet. Providing skip bins in Joondalup, the Northern suburbs and across Perth, we stick to simple, smart and effective recycling principles for sorting waste.

When it comes to recycling in the home or in the workplace, it’s essential to know the recycling basics. A WA government initiative, Recycle Right helps you understand the recycling process and how to contribute to a healthier and more eco-friendly planet.

Check out our no-frills guide for fast, convenient and simple recycling.

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What Goes in the Yellow-Topped Bin?

All items placed in the yellow-topped bins are collected, sorted and baled at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC). Once complete, the items are sold for reprocessing and can be transformed into objects and items able to be reused.

You can help to divert waste from landfill by placing the following items into your yellow-topped bin for recycling:

  • Empty plastic containers and plastic wraps
  • Whole and broken glass and ceramics
  • Paper, junk mail, glossy magazines and cardboard products
  • All types of metal, including steel, aluminium and aerosol can

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What Goes in the Green-Topped Bin?

Did you know that food waste, household waste, grass clippings, prunings and organic waste can be transformed into high quality compost for local farming? All items placed into our green-topped bins are processed at the Waste Composting Facility (WCF). Processing over 80,000 tonnes of household waste annually, the WCF converts waste to useful compost.

Make sure that you’re using your green-topped bin correctly by keeping the following items OUT:

  • Glass: all glass goes into your yellow-topped recycling bin
  • Batteries: batteries should be placed into community battery disposal bins
  • Hazardous waste: petrol, gas cylinders, paints, motor oils and fluids, chemicals and poisons, medicines, medical waste and flammable liquids should be disposed of properly
  • Construction materials: no bricks, sand, soil, concrete, rocks or asbestos should be placed in your green-topped bin

Green Waste Verge Collections

Local councils collect green waste from the verge. Taken for processing, green waste is shredded into mulch and distributed for use. An ideal soil conditioner, mulch increases moisture retention, minimises weed growth and complements growing in WA’s landscape.

The recently refurbished Green Waste Processing Facility accepts clean, green waste and diverts 100% from landfill to create 30,000 tonnes of mulch and soil conditioner each year.

Our Top Recycling Tips

  • Rinsing containers
    • Rinsing containers before recycling helps to protect workers, minimise contamination and to preserve your items.
  • Removing lids
    • Made from different materials, removing lids allows workers to recover resources and minimises the likelihood of items turning putrid.
  • Composite products
    • While new technology allows composite products to be separated, recovered and recycled, you can aid the process by separating different materials whenever possible.

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Providing quality recycling services for skip bins in Perth, the Northside Skip Bins team is passionate about minimising excess waste in landfill. By following our simple recycling tips and guide, you can do your part in protecting the environment.

For more on recycling services and for tailored information, visit Recycle Right. To book skip bins in the Northern Suburbs, Joondalup and wider Perth region, call our team today on 0419 907 105.

Recycling 101: What to Keep Out of Your Recycling Bin

What to Keep Out of Your Recycling Bin

Even if you already separate your waste, there’s always more to learn about recycling.

At Northside Skip Bins, we provide an extensive range of skip bin hire in Perth, Joondalup and across the Northern Suburbs. Our skip bin hire services also incorporate responsible and safe recycling systems, allowing us to minimise the amount of waste dumped in landfill.

For more on smart recycling and for quality skip bins in Perth, chat with our team.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Did you know that some common household items can’t be disposed of through your recycling or waste bins? While most people assume that household bins can accommodate all types of waste, some items should never be disposed of through regular landfill or recycling bins. Hazardous waste in landfill causes serious harm to the environment and acts as a drain on resources. The City of Perth advises keeping the following items out of your bins:

  • Paint and chemicals
  • Items affected by asbestos
  • Gas cylinders
  • Construction waste (cement, bricks, rubble and sand)
  • Tyres
  • Smoke alarms
  • Vehicle or machinery parts
  • Household lights
  • Printer cartridges and some e-waste

If you need to dispose of any hazardous waste, it’s important to do so properly through drop off services and waste disposal methods designed to accommodate hazardous materials.

Drop Off Services

For large volumes of waste or big and clunky items, you may be required to utilise a drop off service. Local councils across Perth offer drop off services for recycling, reusable items, landfill, general waste and for waste affected by asbestos. Drop off services also often accommodate hazardous waste. By utilising a drop off service designed for your type of waste, you minimise your environmental impact and ensure that your waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Contact your local council to find a drop off location close to you.

Managing Asbestos Responsibly

Exposure to asbestos can result in serious health concerns and complications. If you want to dispose of waste impacted by asbestos, you need to ensure that you’re doing so responsibly. Local councils across Perth offer safe and convenient asbestos waste drop off services, allowing you to get rid of waste with confidence. With instructions on acceptable volumes, wrapping, delivery and safe practices, local councils make it simple to dispose of asbestos.

Disposing of E-Waste

Consisting of laptops, computers, monitors, printers, TV equipment, computer equipment, devices, games, cameras, stereos, cables and more, E-waste can be dropped off at a number of convenient points across Perth. By choosing an E-waste drop off point, your waste is disposed of safely and is recycled responsibly.

You’re able to drop off your E-waste for free at selected Officeworks and Harvey Norman stores across the region. To find your nearest E-waste drop off location, click here.

Simplifying Skip Bin Hire in Perth

When it comes to recycling and rubbish disposal, keeping hazardous waste out of your bins helps both your local council and the environment. Offering responsible skip bin hire in Perth, Northside Skip Bins makes it simple to stay on top of your waste disposal and recycling.

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Make the Most of Perth’s Free Recycling Services for a Greener Home

Make the Most of Perth’s Free Recycling Services for a Greener Home

With a number of free services available to Perth residents, local councils offer a range of services to simplify waste disposal and recycling.

Find out more about taking advantage of the city’s free waste management and recycling services to maintain a greener home. Book your affordable skip bins in Perth with Northside Skip Bins for instant waste removal.

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Waste Management Advice

Local councils across Perth frequently offer free waste management advice and services, helping you better utilise waste collection, storage and transfer solutions. Centred on increasing recycling rates and streamlining the waste collection system, waste management advice gives you tailored and realistic solutions for better managing your waste.

For businesses across Perth, councils offer free on-site evaluations of waste and recycling systems as part of commercial waste management services. Whether you’re a corporate office with minimal waste or a hospitality business with bins about to overflow, contact your local council for advice.

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Educational Materials and Services

With a number of systems, regulations and requirements in place, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest information and guidelines when it comes to waste disposal and recycling. To make things easier, the council offers a number of free education and awareness materials and recycling education services for residential and commercial properties across Perth.

Verge Collection Services

Need to get rid of old, clunky furniture or excess garden waste from your home? Verge collection services are the best way to clear your home of unusable or unwanted goods. Offering bi-annual collection services for residents in Perth, verge collection services remove different types of waste from your property. Services cover:

  • Garden waste
  • E-waste
  • Whitegoods
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture

If you’re looking to get rid of large volumes of waste and recycling on your own terms, learn more about Northside Skip Bins’ affordable skip bin hire in Perth. We provide high quality skip bins in Joondalup, the Northern Suburbs and across the Perth region, allowing you to dispose of your waste responsibly.

Assisted Household Bin Services

Assisted household bin services are designed to help residents who are unable to place their bins out for collection. A free additional service for eligible residents, a council team member wheels the bins out from an agreed pick up location and returns the bins after being emptied.

Ideal for residents with limited mobility, the assisted household bin service allows for individuals to maintain independence in their own home while making the most of the city’s waste disposal and recycling services.

To find out more about eligibility and applications, click here.

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Northside Skip Bins – Simple Ways to Consume Less and Reuse More

Simple Ways to Consume Less and Reuse More

As plastic bags continue to disappear in supermarkets across the country, people are replacing previously disposable items with reusable alternatives. From cloth grocery bags to compact composting equipment and systems, it’s becoming easier than ever to reduce our impact on the environment.

Find out how you can change disposable and wasteful habits into a useful, productive and convenient lifestyle.

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Investing in Coffee Cups and Containers

Contrary to popular belief, takeaway coffee cups and containers aren’t always recyclable. Next time you’re on the go, bring your own coffee cup or takeaway container to reduce the amount of disposable plastic waste that you generate.

Declutter your kitchen cupboards to find a thermal mug or cup that you haven’t used in a while or invest in a Keep Cup. Ask for your coffee, tea and beverages to be poured into your own cup and simply rinse it out for next time.

The same goes for takeaway – just ask for your food to be packed into your own container. Most restaurants and cafes are more than happy to minimise the amount of takeaway containers used – it helps them reduce costs too!

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Reducing Plastic at the Supermarket

A great way to reduce waste is by passing on excess plastic at the supermarket. While it’s mostly out of habit, take a look at your shopping trolley and think about whether your fruit and vegetables really need plastic bags.

When you’re at the checkout, use cloth or canvas bags. By avoiding disposable plastic bags – which tend to carry less and break more – you reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill. You’ll find that you’re often able to fit your entire grocery shop in five or six cloth bags, instead of countless flimsy plastic ones.

To take it even further, shop at a bulk foods grocery store near you and bring your own containers to avoid purchasing plastic altogether.

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Minimise Food Waste with Meal Plans

A lot of waste generated comes from excess and spoilt food. Reduce your amount of food waste – and save on your grocery shop – by taking a few minutes to meal plan for the week. By planning out exactly what you need from the grocery store, including specific amounts, you’re able to use more of what you buy and waste less.

By meal planning, you’ll probably find that your meals are healthier, more filling and tastier. Spend less money on food that ends up in the bin, save time thinking of what to cook and create meals that are balanced and delicious.

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Northside Skip Bins – Living with Less: How Decluttering Your Home Can Clear Your Mind

With concepts of minimalism on the rise, more people are discovering the benefits of living with less. Ideal for improving physical and mental health, as well as better utilising your existing space, decluttering your home and minimising possessions leads to a cleaner and clearer life.

With so many benefits for your mind and body, what are you waiting for? Book a skip bin and get started on decluttering your space!

Find out more about how you can declutter your home, clear your mind and enhance your overall wellbeing.

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For Your Space

Cluttered homes, rooms and spaces automatically feel cramped and uncomfortable. Whether it’s an overflowing kitchen or a bursting bedroom, clutter and excess items take up valuable space.

If you’re feeling cramped or restricted in your space, decluttering is the perfect solution. By actively thinking about the purpose and value of each object in the space, you can keep only what you need or love. This means that your space is better utilised and redundant or unnecessary items are eliminated. Invest in the things you really want – keep your most valuable possessions and ditch the rest to make better use of your space.

A bonus of decluttering is reducing your cleaning time in the future. With fewer objects to dust, move, vacuum under or tidy up, cleaning will take a fraction of the time.

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For Your Mind

Have you ever felt really stuck on a task? Maybe you just can’t find the motivation. Are you getting distracted by excess objects, messy rooms or an untidy workspace? It’s time to declutter.

A cluttered space leads to jumbled thoughts and a loss of focus. Whether you’re a student working on an important essay or a professional working from home, your productivity will suffer if your space is cluttered.

By decluttering your space, you’re allowing your mind to take a breather. Without the added stimulation of a multitude of different objects clogging up your thoughts, you can really focus on achieving your goals and keeping productivity at a high.

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For Your Body

Don’t have the time or motivation to get to a gym or fitness studio?

By decluttering your space, you add instant room to take better care of your body. There’s no excuse not to roll out your yoga mat, do some sit-ups or even some relaxing stretches once you’ve got the floor space. Whether it’s for five minutes once a week or an hour each day, exercising at home works wonders for both your fitness and your mental health.

Get decluttering and make sure that your space provides you with the freedom to really move and take care of your body.

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Declutter with Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Ready to start decluttering? Get the job done with Northside Skip Bins’ skip bin hire in Perth. We make it simple to stay focused and on task, providing you with skip bins of various sizes across Joondalup, the Northern Suburbs and wider Perth region.

With our skip bin hire services in Perth, we save and recycle as much of your rubbish as we can. Clean out your home, clear your mind, enhance your wellbeing and feel confident in knowing that your rubbish and waste doesn’t have to end up in landfill.

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