Green Principles for an Eco-Friendly Home

At Northside Skip Bins, our range of skip bins in Perth make it simple to get rid of unwanted waste and get started on living a greener life. Here are our top tips for reducing your impact on the planet and improving your eco-friendliness.

Declutter, Minimise and Recycle

Living a greener lifestyle involves owning less possessions and contributing less to the production of new items. By decluttering and minimising throughout your home, you can enjoy a cleaner, clearer and more comfortable space.

Our range of skip bin hire in perth make decluttering simple. Get it all done in one big clean out and make way for a simpler and more relaxing home. We even help to recycle whatever can be salvaged from your skip! If you’re working on a home clean out and decluttering, recycling as much as you can means less ends up sitting in landfill.

Reduce Food Waste

Getting into the habit of planning meals and grocery lists dramatically decreases your amount of food waste while minimising excess money spent on splurge shops and unnecessary items. Planning your meals not only reduces stress, it helps you eat healthier too.

While reduced food waste helps the planet, you might even shed a few kilos or tone up at the same time!

Recycle Grocery Packaging

Did you know that you can bring certain plastic packaging to supermarkets and points around the city for recycling? Everything from plastic fruit and vegetable packaging to toilet paper packaging can be recycled – simply check the markings on each package and find out where your nearest drop off point is.

Incorporate Reusable Items Into Your Lifestyle

A great way of living greener is by introducing reusable items into your lifestyle. A simple yet effective solution, reusable items offer ongoing value and reduced waste. We recommend swapping a few everyday disposal items for reusable ones. Our favourites include:

  • Investing in a reusable coffee cup: Did you know that takeaway coffee cups aren’t always recyclable? By bringing along your own reusable coffee cup, you minimise the amount of waste generated. Some cafes even offer discounted coffee as an incentive!
  • Bringing your own shopping bags for groceries: Plastic bags often end up in landfill; or clogging up street drains and waterways. By bringing in your own cloth or canvas bags, you can minimise your plastic waste. Not only that – they’re also significantly sturdier.
  • Thinking twice about plastic bags for fruit and veggies: Do you still put bananas and onions into plastic bags in the supermarket? A number of fruit and veggies come with their own natural packaging – the skin! Avoid using excess plastic by changing your bagging habits.
  • Reusing glass jars: Your old jam jars make great extra glasses with a twist. Ideal for serving Instagram-worthy smoothies, cocktails and infused waters, impress your guests and enhance your hosting skills.

Book Skip Bin Hire in the Northern Suburbs, Joondalup and Perth

Start living a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. Begin by going through your possessions and once you’ve determined what can’t be reused, it’s time for disposal and recycling using your skip bin.

At Northside Skip Bins, we offer high quality skip bin hire in Perth. Our skip bins provide you with the chance to get rid of unwanted items once and for all. Book your skip bins in Joondalup, the Northern Suburbs and across Perth today.