Make the Most of Perth’s Free Recycling Services for a Greener Home

Make the Most of Perth’s Free Recycling Services for a Greener Home

With a number of free services available to Perth residents, local councils offer a range of services to simplify waste disposal and recycling.

Find out more about taking advantage of the city’s free waste management and recycling services to maintain a greener home. Book your affordable skip bins in Perth with Northside Skip Bins for instant waste removal.

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Waste Management Advice

Local councils across Perth frequently offer free waste management advice and services, helping you better utilise waste collection, storage and transfer solutions. Centred on increasing recycling rates and streamlining the waste collection system, waste management advice gives you tailored and realistic solutions for better managing your waste.

For businesses across Perth, councils offer free on-site evaluations of waste and recycling systems as part of commercial waste management services. Whether you’re a corporate office with minimal waste or a hospitality business with bins about to overflow, contact your local council for advice.

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Educational Materials and Services

With a number of systems, regulations and requirements in place, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest information and guidelines when it comes to waste disposal and recycling. To make things easier, the council offers a number of free education and awareness materials and recycling education services for residential and commercial properties across Perth.

Verge Collection Services

Need to get rid of old, clunky furniture or excess garden waste from your home? Verge collection services are the best way to clear your home of unusable or unwanted goods. Offering bi-annual collection services for residents in Perth, verge collection services remove different types of waste from your property. Services cover:

  • Garden waste
  • E-waste
  • Whitegoods
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture

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Assisted Household Bin Services

Assisted household bin services are designed to help residents who are unable to place their bins out for collection. A free additional service for eligible residents, a council team member wheels the bins out from an agreed pick up location and returns the bins after being emptied.

Ideal for residents with limited mobility, the assisted household bin service allows for individuals to maintain independence in their own home while making the most of the city’s waste disposal and recycling services.

To find out more about eligibility and applications, click here.

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Find Out More About Recycling and Skip Bin Hire in Perth

At Northside Skip Bin Hire, we make waste management and recycling simple. With convenient skip bin hire in Perth, Joondalup and across the Northern Suburbs, our skip bins help you get rid of any volume of waste responsibly and effectively.

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