Northside Skip Bins – Simple Ways to Consume Less and Reuse More

Simple Ways to Consume Less and Reuse More

As plastic bags continue to disappear in supermarkets across the country, people are replacing previously disposable items with reusable alternatives. From cloth grocery bags to compact composting equipment and systems, it’s becoming easier than ever to reduce our impact on the environment.

Find out how you can change disposable and wasteful habits into a useful, productive and convenient lifestyle.

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Investing in Coffee Cups and Containers

Contrary to popular belief, takeaway coffee cups and containers aren’t always recyclable. Next time you’re on the go, bring your own coffee cup or takeaway container to reduce the amount of disposable plastic waste that you generate.

Declutter your kitchen cupboards to find a thermal mug or cup that you haven’t used in a while or invest in a Keep Cup. Ask for your coffee, tea and beverages to be poured into your own cup and simply rinse it out for next time.

The same goes for takeaway – just ask for your food to be packed into your own container. Most restaurants and cafes are more than happy to minimise the amount of takeaway containers used – it helps them reduce costs too!

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Reducing Plastic at the Supermarket

A great way to reduce waste is by passing on excess plastic at the supermarket. While it’s mostly out of habit, take a look at your shopping trolley and think about whether your fruit and vegetables really need plastic bags.

When you’re at the checkout, use cloth or canvas bags. By avoiding disposable plastic bags – which tend to carry less and break more – you reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill. You’ll find that you’re often able to fit your entire grocery shop in five or six cloth bags, instead of countless flimsy plastic ones.

To take it even further, shop at a bulk foods grocery store near you and bring your own containers to avoid purchasing plastic altogether.

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Minimise Food Waste with Meal Plans

A lot of waste generated comes from excess and spoilt food. Reduce your amount of food waste – and save on your grocery shop – by taking a few minutes to meal plan for the week. By planning out exactly what you need from the grocery store, including specific amounts, you’re able to use more of what you buy and waste less.

By meal planning, you’ll probably find that your meals are healthier, more filling and tastier. Spend less money on food that ends up in the bin, save time thinking of what to cook and create meals that are balanced and delicious.

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