Recycle Right: Your No-Frills Guide for Simple Recycling

Recycle Right: Your No-Frills Guide for Simple Recycling

At Northside Skip Bins, we’re passionate about offering high quality skip bin hire services while minimising our impact on the planet. Providing skip bins in Joondalup, the Northern suburbs and across Perth, we stick to simple, smart and effective recycling principles for sorting waste.

When it comes to recycling in the home or in the workplace, it’s essential to know the recycling basics. A WA government initiative, Recycle Right helps you understand the recycling process and how to contribute to a healthier and more eco-friendly planet.

Check out our no-frills guide for fast, convenient and simple recycling.

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What Goes in the Yellow-Topped Bin?

All items placed in the yellow-topped bins are collected, sorted and baled at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC). Once complete, the items are sold for reprocessing and can be transformed into objects and items able to be reused.

You can help to divert waste from landfill by placing the following items into your yellow-topped bin for recycling:

  • Empty plastic containers and plastic wraps
  • Whole and broken glass and ceramics
  • Paper, junk mail, glossy magazines and cardboard products
  • All types of metal, including steel, aluminium and aerosol can

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What Goes in the Green-Topped Bin?

Did you know that food waste, household waste, grass clippings, prunings and organic waste can be transformed into high quality compost for local farming? All items placed into our green-topped bins are processed at the Waste Composting Facility (WCF). Processing over 80,000 tonnes of household waste annually, the WCF converts waste to useful compost.

Make sure that you’re using your green-topped bin correctly by keeping the following items OUT:

  • Glass: all glass goes into your yellow-topped recycling bin
  • Batteries: batteries should be placed into community battery disposal bins
  • Hazardous waste: petrol, gas cylinders, paints, motor oils and fluids, chemicals and poisons, medicines, medical waste and flammable liquids should be disposed of properly
  • Construction materials: no bricks, sand, soil, concrete, rocks or asbestos should be placed in your green-topped bin

Green Waste Verge Collections

Local councils collect green waste from the verge. Taken for processing, green waste is shredded into mulch and distributed for use. An ideal soil conditioner, mulch increases moisture retention, minimises weed growth and complements growing in WA’s landscape.

The recently refurbished Green Waste Processing Facility accepts clean, green waste and diverts 100% from landfill to create 30,000 tonnes of mulch and soil conditioner each year.

Our Top Recycling Tips

  • Rinsing containers
    • Rinsing containers before recycling helps to protect workers, minimise contamination and to preserve your items.
  • Removing lids
    • Made from different materials, removing lids allows workers to recover resources and minimises the likelihood of items turning putrid.
  • Composite products
    • While new technology allows composite products to be separated, recovered and recycled, you can aid the process by separating different materials whenever possible.

Simplify Waste Disposal and Recycling with Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Providing quality recycling services for skip bins in Perth, the Northside Skip Bins team is passionate about minimising excess waste in landfill. By following our simple recycling tips and guide, you can do your part in protecting the environment.

For more on recycling services and for tailored information, visit Recycle Right. To book skip bins in the Northern Suburbs, Joondalup and wider Perth region, call our team today on 0419 907 105.

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