Step Eight

Our large bobcats transport all the crushed rock to the large road base pile, ready to donate or sell onto to people that need it! And that’s how Northside Skips recycles and re-uses your waste.

Step Seven

The remaining waste is then transported to the crusher, and fed to the crusher. The waste is crushed into a more brittle texture and is ready to be transported to our facilities road base pile.

Step Six

The rest of the waste is then passed on a conveyor belt, and our sorting team, removes any and all contaminate waste that cannot be used in road base.

Step Five

The large bobcats deposit the sand into the large sand piles at our recycling centre. The sand is then either donated to different organisations that need it, or provided to builders.

Step Four

The sand is then collected via our large bobcats ready for transferring to the large sand piles we have at the recycling centre.

Step Three

As all the rubbish goes through a spinning sorting machine, any loose sand falls through, and into a large sand pile at the bottom of the sorting chute.